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“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
                                                                                                                        ~ Maya Angelou
Rave Reviews
Dawn said...
This is the second wedding that Tasha shot for my family and I hired her because of the wonderful job she did with the first wedding. not only did she provide amazing photography services, but she helped to keep things moving. Her knowledge of the whole wedding day process was invaluable. She is not only creative but sensitive to your needs, flexible and a true professional. Tasha works hard to understand the people she is dealing with. That understanding is what makes her work so special. Because she "gets you", you get what you want and sometimes what you didn't know you wanted but turns out to be magic.
Roshanda said...
Tasha is amazing! She photographed my engagement session as well as my wedding day. She is very meticulous and takes pride in her art. We had a blast on our engagement shoot and Tasha really helped me to loosen up and just be in the moment which resulted in some really awesome shots. My husband and I were very pleased with all of our photos and hands down we recommend for capturing your unforgettable moments.

Karen said...

I was at my brothers wedding when I witnessed how Tasha worked. She was so helpful to the bride (my new sister in-law) and going beyond the call of duty. She was so focused, professional and yet took nonsense from the confusion that others threw here way. I couldn’t stop watching her with how she worked through the night and couldn’t wait till after the wedding to ask the bride about her. When it came to my day, Tasha did not disappoint me. We spoke as well as texted several times before, she helped me with my timelines and even created then set up my back drop on the day of my wedding. I honestly can’t say enough about her!

Jamie said... 
We hired Tasha and her team for our wedding and she was absolutely amazing! Tasha was incredibly warm from the first time we met her and really spent time understanding the types of photos we liked, our personal style and what was important to us. But she really blew us away on the day of the wedding. We were short on time and it ended up raining. To say she worked her butt off is an understatement! She was quick to recommend location changes (due to the rain) and made sure we got all of our ‘must have’ photos in beautiful locations and basically squeezed in all of our photos with half the time we had planned. She interacted with the guests and family with such ease that people were even commenting that they loved our photographer! The photos turned out beautiful and she really captured those special moments in between the big events. She clearly has a passion for her work and an incredible drive to deliver photos that will blow you away. We loved Tasha and the photos and feel so grateful that our amazing planner sent us her way!

Nikki said...

Thank you so so much for the beautiful moments captured! This is definitely your path in life, I love all the pics you are fantastic! Your words are lovely you almost made me cry. I had the most amazing time with you, even tho I took some coaching. Thanks to Di for arranging 💗 I feel blessed to have met you it was like catching up with a dear friend. Can't wait until the next time ❤️❤️❤️

Samantha said…

PHOTOGRAPHY BY TASHA is amazing!!! Tasha is a gem!!!I first hired her through a friend for my very first boudoir photo shoot. Being that she was a stranger at the time, I was a little timid about modeling for "unconventional photos." However, as soon as I met Tasha, she made me feel 100% relaxed and ease-filled. She brought accessories and had more tips and ideas than one can imagine. I had so much fun working with her! Once I saw the boudoir photos or the finished product, I knew I had to hire Tasha to be my WEDDING photographer. It was the best decision by far! My husband and I couldn't be happier with the perfection of our wedding pictures. She captured so many unforgettable moments in so many professional ways. Tasha's phenomenal creations will last us a lifetime. To top it all off, she created a 30" X 40" canvas, capturing a beautiful candid wedding shot as a wedding present. Our family of two has grown into four and now we use Tasha for ALL of our family photo OPPORTUNITIES. The joy in her work and genuine desire to capture the most unique memories is so rare! I'm so lucky to have found her. Photography by Tasha speaks for itself!!! She's a true artist and her photography will exceed your expectations. There's no one I'd recommend more for 'your future memories' than Tasha-for any and all occasions. SMALL or LARGE! Thank you again, Tasha, for your BREATHTAKING quality of work. We are infinitely grateful for you!!!

Elisa said...

Tasha, We love the photos!!!! Our shoot was perfect!!! I can't thank you for the patience and kindness that you had with us. Congrats on your beautiful job! Thank you so much again!

Randi said... 
My husband & I highly recommend Photography by Tasha for any of your photography needs. Tasha photographed our wedding in March of this year and she did such an amazing job. We have received so many compliments on our photos. She is a true professional, very kind, courteous and full of fun ideas. We had such a great time with Tasha shooting our engagement & wedding photos. I will definitely be calling her again for our next big event.


Lea B said... 
Tasha was absolutely wonderful!!! She is extremely professional and very thoughtful. I knew she was perfect when we first spoke and she took the initiative to find me on Pinterest to get an idea of what I am looking for! That showed me she pays attention to detail! She worked well with us when it came to all the pictures and she was also open in telling us what would work best! She has wonderful ideas and true talent! I absolutely LOVED ALL THE PICTURES !! ALL 877 OF THEM! I definitely recommend her!


Kelly said... 
Tasha makes you feel like you're a member of her family... She wants to make your big day as special as possible! She is incredibly professional and her pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I highly recommend her!


Melissa said... 
I was recommended to Tasha by my sister-in-law and she was every bit as amazing as we hoped she would. We first hired her to do our engagement pictures at the beach. She recommended the location, the props (which she provided for us) and the time frame. All was just what we wanted. We had enough time to finish them up with sunset pics. ?? Our wedding was hectic to say the least but we spoke a few days before and she remember all my "to-do pics" and even helped our DJ with the time frames for the entire night. She understood our silly side and made sure to make it part of our photographs as well. However, The most incredible thing about Tasha is that she understood the importance to take as many pictures of my father-in-law and our complete family together. That meant the world to us. Needless to say, that we will be using Tasha for as long as she is willing to photograph our family!


Diane said... 
Photography by Tasha, Wow! What can I say? She is authentic, passionate about her work and simply one of a kind. If you are looking for someone to capture your special moment with enthusiasm, and to make your day a unique and special one, Photography by Tasha is the person. No request is impossible for Tasha to fulfill, and she will truly make your occasion unforgettable. On the morning of July 31st, I woke up ready to start celebrating what I thought was my own planned 50th birthday party. Little did I know, one of the best kept secrets would be reveled, and I was in for the biggest surprise of my life! My Husband, my best friend and Tasha had been secretly meeting to plan a surprise 50th birthday celebration and a wedding vow renewal on the beach. I was clueless to say the least, and all along they lead me to believe that I was planning my own birthday celebration in which I did from finish to end, only to find out that they had intervened and changed all my plans around. They literally were saying yes to me and totally agreeing with all my plans, when in reality, they been meeting secretly to plan this spectacular surprise birthday of vow renewals. Tanya Marie from Tanya Marie Designs in Miami was waiting for me that morning at my house to select one of her designer beach flowie dresses, and to top it all off a new diamond ring from my hubby. I was trying to compose myself while all this was taking place, and then was told that I had one hour to get ready, because there was a stretch limo waiting outside. We were all transported to a secluded romantic beach area where there was an affiant waiting, and surprise guests. As soon as I stepped out the limo, there was Tasha, who was able to capture that sentimental moment, and many more. I will forever remember this special day, it was a priceless memory captured through the eyes and lens of Tasha’s photography.


Lisa said... 
I know how many wedding photographers are out there, and how confusing the choices are. Let me make it simple for you. You must hire Tasha Schwartz to photograph your wedding. Why? First, her sterling character assures her reliability. Second, Tasha’s passion for both her work and her clients will insure not only beautiful pictures that reflect your memories, but will also guarantee that you will have a wonderful time that day, working with a woman who knows how to get the shots without interfering with the intimacy of the moment. Tasha lives quite a few states away from me, and yet she flew out not just for our wedding, but months prior to it in order to “case” the area and our venue in all kinds of light and all kinds of weather. As a result, when our big day arrived, and it arrived with a hurricane (no, not kidding), she was ready. Our pictures are soulful, whimsical and beautiful all at the same time. I always have some trepidations looking at photos of myself, and Tasha made me, and all of us, so beautiful. She caught every moment. Hire her. You’ll be happy.

Susan said... 
Tasha was always responsive to our needs. She answered our questions right away. Her prices were very reasonable. Most importantly, Tasha takes great pictures. We had so many wonderful shots, both formal, candid, color and black and white that I had a hard time choosing the ones I wanted for my album. She was patient throughout the process. My husband and I were thrilled with the results! I highly recommend her.

Bonnie said...

By far the most amazing and conscientious photographer you will find. We met her by chance on our honeymoon and we talked as we walked on the beach after hurricane Isaac throwing fish that would other wise die from being stranded on the beach from the tides and forged an incredible friendship with  her. She did a honeymoon shoot for us that was so fantastic that is blew our wedding photos out of the water - looking back so wish we had known her before our wedding as the Photography would have been so awesome and we would love to look at them all the time and she has very competitive pricing for her clients . Unfortunately our photographer was awful and we never pull them out to look at. She did an awesome photos shoot that my kids arranged last year for Christmas as well - Tasha Schwartz we love your work and we love you as you are, amazing all the way around.

Christine said...

If you are or will be in need of a photographer, check out Tasha. Her work is FABULOUS and she will make you feel super comfortable! Not only have I known her for 30+ years, I also had her do a boudoir shoot for me (an awesome gift for your man!) Feel free to ask me questions or contact her directly 😊

Professional Endorsements

Happily Ever After Events said:

Oh god, where shall I begin? Tasha, Tasha Tasha... Just the best photographer I have ever dealt with hands down. Coming from me, that is huge. I run a very successful wedding planning company in South Florida where we manage over 80 weddings per year. With those 80 weddings, I get to see a year about 40 different photographers, so I deal with a lot of different photographers in every style. Dealing with them, you can tell them apart very quickly the experienced from the non-experienced. Then, there is also that one that just stands out above all, and that one my friends, is Tasha. She is beyond talented, caring, that goes over and beyond for any and all of her clients. She is that photographer that makes you feel like you are her only client. That photographer that cares and wants to get to know you as much as she possibly can just to make sure she gets the best shots based on all your wants and needs. She is that photographer that you are talking to, and she all of the sudden takes a picture without you realizing and creates a phenomenal portrait. She is an one of a kind artist, which is why I refer her to every single of my client. Most importantly, she is not worn out, to which to us vendors is finding a needle in the haystack, I mean that literally. All photographers want to do now a days is book as many weddings as they possible can in a calendar year so they work every day of their lives so they can make more money at the end of the month. They don't care about who you are, where they are taking pictures or any of the details. They basically just want to get it done and move to the next event. Not Tasha. She goes far beyond all your expectations. That is not an understatement. I don't think you should book with Tasha, I know that you should. We have been working for over 6 years together and every single event I work with her, are the highest standard of photography.. She doesn't just take pictures, she capture the memories so we can all cherish them for years to come. She is the best money you will ever spend by far. The only reason why you should even think about another coordinator is if she is already committed to another event on your date and, if that happens, consider changing your wedding date. She is just THAT good.


Dr. DJ Paulish entertainment said:

I had the pleasure of working with Tasha at a recent wedding. I very quickly noticed how professional she is and how she goes out of her way to get the best shots. The other wedding vendors who worked with her before kept telling me how nice a person she is. When I looked later at her website to see the pictures she took of the bride/groom, my impression was "wow". Her photos pop on the screen. I strongly endorse Photography by Tasha for wedding photography.


St. Jude Ministries, Inc. said:

Tasha is a well-seasoned photographer who is committed to capturing every moment of your special day! She is easy and fun to work with, and she enhances the experience. Tasha is a team player and she works well with other vendors. I have no reservation in recommending her as a phenomenal professional, love her!!