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My Style:
My approach is to let things naturally happen, allowing me to capture those “in the moment” photos that reveal the true personality of the subject being photographed. Sometimes posed photos can be fun and funky! They can allow for more creative ideas to emerge! The goal is to have a fun session where everyone feels comfy and has a GREAT time! All digital images are shot in color, then presented in a mix of color and black and whites.
Sometimes it may be necessary for parents or loved ones to assist in encouraging positive reactions, good behavior or kiddie corralling. Please be prepared to assist if necessary. While preparing for a shoot for a Family Shoot at the beach for example:
Tell your children they are going to the beach or park to play and have fun. (It's true!) You might want to tell this to your hubby while you're at it. :)
Be patient, be happy and don't sweat the small things! They WILL get sandy, and maybe even a little wet. (You might too!)
Scheduling Shoots:
Each photo session is a special event, which means my calendar fills up weeks in advance. A limited shooting schedule allows for only a specific number of sessions each week. Please schedule your appointment as soon as you decide that Photography by Tasha is the perfect match for your needs! Upon scheduling, I will consult with you as soon as possible to discuss the details of your session, answer all your questions and provide you with the appropriate paperwork prior to your appointment. Locales to shoot: We can meet in the comfort of your home or any location of your choice for photo sessions. If you wish for my input, I will be happy to make some suggestions of great locations to photograph your session. Early in the day(sunrise) or in the late afternoon to early evening(sunset) is prime time for beautiful natural lighting.


Dressing the Part:
People wonder ‘what’s the best clothing to wear for a session?’ Whatever you are comfortable in is fine with me! Just be you! If you have some questions about “dressing up”. Classic clothing usually works out for the best. That way your pix won’t ever look out of date. Not sure? Bring a change of clothing for everyone! Something casual and something dressy. Whichever you choose, the family shots that look great are the ones where everyone is dressed semi-similarly. If the entire group wears a combo of white, pastel or solid tops or dresses and khakis or jeans, the look is visually attractive and timeless!


For men:

A suit, jeans, khakis, solid golf or cargo shorts work well, as well as white t-shirts or tanks, white or solid, light-colored long or short-sleeved dress shirts. Shoes can include sandals, flip-flops, sneaks, boat shoes or bare feet. A favorite baseball cap or sharp-looking fedora can complete the look.


For women:

Dresses. jeans, khakis, solid long or knee-length skirts, walking shorts or capris look nice, as well as white t-shirts or tanks, white or solid, light-colored long or short-sleeved shirts or blouses. Shoes can include flats, strappy sandals, flip-flops, keds or bare feet (w/ nicely painted toenails.) Get creative with a favorite wide-brimmed, brightly-colored beach or straw hat!


For boys:

Keep it simple with jeans or khakis. White t-shirts or tanks, white or solid, light-colored long or short-sleeved dress shirts are a good choice too. Bright colors and graphic t-shirts with cargo shorts look cool. Converse, Sketchers or Vans, sandals, flip-flops or bare feet always work. A funky and clean baseball cap to top it off.


For girls:

Have FUN!! Dresses, jeans, khakis, skirts or shorts paired with white or light-colored tops look sweet. White or bright, colorful dresses are cute too with matching sneaks, flats, sandals, crocs, flip-flops or bare feet (w/ brightly painted toenails). A straw hat, colorful beret or headband can finish off outfits well.


For siblings:

Color co-ordinate without being too matchy-matchy with siblings. They do not have to wear identical outfits but should go together in some way. But if you like that look, GO FOR IT!


For newbies:

Diaper or no diaper…that is the question. It’s your choice. I personally like the au natural look in a shot of a newborn. If clothes are an option, then I like pastels and all white outfits. Hats and mitts can be a sweet touch. Cute shoes or bare tootsies are essential for at least some pix! ;-) Some favorite keepsake items, such as an heirloom blanket, beanie or toys can add an appealing touch. I try to be sensitive to your family’s needs, so stopping momentarily for feedings and diaper change breaks are necessary to the process.


Personal Cameras:
Please do not take pictures during photo sessions.
Weather Conditions:
If weather is not suitable, we may decide to reschedule your session. Please understand that this policy is designed in order to achieve the best photographs possible. You will be contacted regarding this decision with as much time as possible prior to your session so you or your group are not inconvenienced.




If you find it necessary to cancel, please contact me with 24 hour notice prior to your scheduled session. This is a MUST. New appointments will be made at the time of cancellation.


I will send you a sneak peek of the shoot a few days after your session by e-mail or Facebook. Please wait for this initial contact prior to calling about your pix. The fully edited password-protected site will be ready for viewing within 4 weeks of your photo shoot to share with family and friends. Please be advised that your viewing and proofing gallery will remain open and active for approximately 9 months after your shoot.
After you review the pictures from the photo shoot and make your selections on the password protected site, the information will be sent to me and the photos will be forwarded for the completion of your order. Your pictures will be sent to your home approximately a week after placing your order. Specialty items may take more time. Please note: the protective watermark will be removed from all ordered pictures online and on your DVD.


Legal Details:
Photography by Tasha reserves the right to use reproductions for display, publications or other purposes. It is illegal to scan, copy, print, publish to the internet or reproduce Tasha’s work in any manner or medium without written permission of the Photographer, Natalie “Tasha” Schwartz. Violators of copyright are subject to prosecution. All photos are printed on the highest quality photographic paper.


Travel Expenses:
A travel fee may be added for locations outside of the 33315 zip code. If so, you will be informed and will assume responsibility for those travel expenses.
Paying for Services:
When paying for any service, you have a few options. Cash is welcomed, preferred and accepted anytime. However, you may choose to pay with a personal check or PayPal as an option. If you choose to pay by PayPal, there will be a 3% fee added to your total for processing services. Both Love Stories and Sweet Life sessions must be paid in full at time of booking, while Wedded Bliss and Special Event sessions require a 50% deposit at booking, with the remaining balance due and paid in full at least 2 weeks prior the event (unless, of course, you choose to pay in full at time of booking).


Returned Checks:
If you choose to pay with a check and it is returned the charge will be $50.00. This charge will be paid to Photography by Tasha in addition to the total of the package's cost.
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